Indian Wine

Despite religious prohibition against the drinking of alchohol by both Muslims and Hindus, wine has been grown in India for thousands of years. Wine is mentioned in Hindu scriptures and the great Muslim Emperor Shah Jahan’s wine cup, kept in the Victoria and Albert museum in London, is considered the “finest known example of Mughal jade-carving”. However, it is mostly since the 1980s that modern wine making techniques have been used in the country.

Much of India has the wrong climate for growing wine, and wine tends to be made in areas traditionally renowned for growing of grapes for fruit. Possibly the best-known area of wine production is around the city of Nasik in the state of Maharashtra, although wines are also produced around Bangalore in the state of Karnataka too. Indian producers of wine have also made partnerships with Californian (Sula Vineyards), Italian (Reveilo) and French (Chateau Indage) producers. Hunt around and you can find some good Indian wines.