Italian Wine

Italy has been proven to be one of the oldest countries to have been involved in growing wine vines and exporting it to other countries, this means that the Italians have had much longer to adapt to wine making and gained beneficial knowledge to help them create the perfect blend. They have many different variations when it comes to wine so you will be stuck for choice and they have adapted to the concept of quality over quantity although they produce millions of litres each year.

In today’s world Italy has upgraded their vineyards with modern technology making it easier and faster to get wine produced and ready to be exported, if it wasn’t for wine, Italy’s economy would have suffered because it actually brings a large proportion of money to Italy. However, there are still people that use the traditional methods to home grow wine for themselves so they always have their perfect blend at hand.

Italy has become known for making acidic dry wines which makes them very good at being mixed with food apposed to drinking them on their own. They will compliment practically any dish with just the right amount of flavour and aroma which can vary depending on the grapes used.