French Wine

One of the most famous and longest places that produce wine is France, with roots dating back to the 6th century BC you can guarantee that everyone will have heard of a few French wines that have been perfected over the years. Throughout history generations have maintain vineyards and has improved the quality as the knowledge and understanding needed has also significantly improved at a rapid rate.

In the early days wine was often just consumed locally but in the late 1800’s one of the main reasons for France’s economy to be doing so well as it began to export it worldwide and had a monopoly because not many other countries were producing wine.

France is now the most wine in the world by value but as time goes by more and more countries are beginning to rival that record forcing everyone to produce more each year. As mentioned before the majority of wine made in France was actually consumed in France but this has been dropping for over 40 years making it much more cost effective to export wines to other countries that require them.

One thing is for sure, we can expect to see France producing and exporting wines for many years to come!