Portuguese Wine

Portuguese wine has its roots from the Romans, Greeks and even the Phoenicians so you can see that it has been around for several thousands years giving them time to improve the methods used to grow the grapes and make it more cost effective. Wine making was one of the most profitable ventures for Portugal during the Roman period as they signed a trade treaty with England in 1703. Portugal has become notorious for making superb quality wines of different variations.

The people realised very early on that in order to produce a good wine you have to consider the grape used as well as the conditions of the vineyard. For example the soil and climate play a major role in the end results. One of the more unique wines to Portugal is grown in the Northwest region and is called Vinhos Verdes, this particular variations isn’t exposed to mass amounts of sugar which will decrease the aging process in order for it to be ready. This blend has become the number one wine to be exported across the globe so has gone the Portuguese economy the world of good, after Vinhos Verde the Port wine variation is the next most popular.