New Zealand Wine

Wine making in New Zealand goes all the way back to the 1970’s in the town of Montana, they began to sell these wines locally as well as around New Zealand making them very popular. The first variation to be discovered was the Sauvignon Blanc which then led to Riesling, Pinotage and other similar wines being produced soon after.

New Zealand took a massive impact on the United Kingdoms decision in the early 1970’s as they joined the European Economic Community. This was basically an attempt to cut off any trading terms with New Zealand on things such as dairy products and meats. This then led to the reform of the agricultural economy to get it back on track.

Having the ideal climate helped New Zealand produce mass amounts of organic wine and is home to the famous Oz Clarke, this has been stated to be the best Sauvignon Blanc available and intends to stay that way for a long time to come. Wine is produced practically everywhere within New Zealand as they found out that wine had the better economic return than anything else that has been tested.

New Zealand travellers have then broadened the availability as they took the vines overseas during the Overseas Experience.