American Wine

California has always been the leading state when it comes to wine making in America, in today’s world there isn’t a single state that isn’t involved in producing wine so as you can expect the USA generates mass amounts of wine each year. California produces so much wine each year that it produces more than double the whole of Australia’s results alone. America has been making wine for over 300 years and become one of the leading countries at producing and exporting wine.

The laws of wine making got very technical during the years of Prohibition, this was all resolved when they introduced a three tier distribution system which varied slightly depending which state you were to live in. In the later years it was then decided by the Supreme Court that each state could decide the process involved when it comes to trading and exporting the wines.

One rule that remained is the fact that more than 95% of the grapes used must be from a particular vintage for that specific year. America has began to distribute every variation of wine as certain states focus on one particular type such as sweet, dry etc. This creates a bigger audience they can export to.