Spanish Wine

Spain has become the third worlds largest producer in the wine industry with just Italy in France slightly in front. The most popular and famous Spanish wine is the fortified wine Sherry which is grown at a rapid rate and exported across the globe, there are different varieties of this beverage so the taste can vary depending on the grapes and process used.

In certain places in Spain such as Rioja there are certain laws that have to be followed when growing and making wine. Four different variations of red grape have to be used with Tempranillo being the most common, followed by Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo. This doesn’t cause many issues to Spanish workers but the last two mentioned can be significantly harder to grow as they require specific conditions so more time is needed.

The main reason why Spain was exposed to the wine making industry very early on was down to a Greek settlement that brought the vines over during the Roman times but most of the wines were consumed locally but as technology improved they began to become successful worldwide helping the Spanish economy grow bigger and bigger. You can guarantee that Spain will be leading wine makers for a long time to come.