Wine has been drunk for thousands of years and has become a part of many cultures, traditions and ceremonies. Evidence dates the earliest use of wine to around 6,000 BC from sites in Iran and Georgia.

The first European vineyards seem to have been established in Macedonia around 4,000 BC, while the first records of wine being drunk come from the ancient Egyptians who used wine as a ceremonial drink.

Making and drinking wine became more widespread during ancient Greek and Roman times, when wine became embodied as the god Dionysus or Bacchus. Most of Europe’s wine growing regions were established by these two empires. The Romans in particular were at the forefront of evolving grape growing cultivation, wine-making techniques and the storage of wine.

Wine became steadily more important in the Western world through the support of Christianity. The use of wine in Mass was widespread and with the spread of the church, the wine industry followed in its footsteps.

Wine production gradually increased, first in Europe and later around the world and the consumption became part of everyday life, not only used in church ceremonies. Now wine is drunk all over the world and enjoyed for all occasions and its popularity is only increasing.