Why spend more

There will come a time when you want to spend a bit more, for a special occasion, as a gift or you’re simply feeling extravagant. The decision on how much to spend is totally up to you, but once you spend more than £15 you should be guaranteed decent quality. Wines will be at this price due to either the excellent reputation of the vineyard, winery or wine-growing region.

If a winery is well established and has been producing great quality wines for many years, prices will usually be forced up by increased demand. Wine drinkers love drinking wines they know will be great year after year. Wineries pride themselves on their reputations, so even if you see an expensive bottle from a little known area it should indicate that this winery has a very high quality product.

The region a wine comes from also has a big part to play in the price of a bottle. In Europe the growing of grapes and the making of wine are governed by strict regulations and regions are formed by climate and the quality of the soil. Locals tend to defend these regional borders as they can make some properties very valuable.

Take Chianti in Tuscany, Italy for example, it has become a household name all over the world. Unfortunately this popularity was closely connected to the cane bottle holders that the wine came in. The real problem came when the region’s borders were expanded to include more vineyards. As more wineries began to use the Chianti name, quality declined and the brand became diluted. In response to this problem the ‘Chianti Classico’ region was introduced to specify the historical wine-growing region and the true Chianti product.

The winemaker and the winemaking techniques also have a huge influence on the price of wine. Nowadays top winemakers don’t just stay in one winery throughout the year, but work for many across the world. These winemakers bring their expertise and knowledge and also a high fee. The reputation of top winemaker can add a lot of value to a wine.

Wines that have been aged before release will also be more expensive. This is because they more expensive to produce. There is the cost of the storage facilities, such as oak barrels, the process of making these wines becomes much more expensive.

When you factor all of the above into a bottle of wine’s price it is understandable how it can become so expensive. No matter how pricey the wine, if you don’t like the variety or the style of wine that’s in the bottle, you’ll still be unlikely to enjoy it.