Buying Wine Online

Wine has been sold online for almost a decade now, although few have realised how cheaper online wine sellers are. With no expensive shops to run and tremendous bulk buying power, retailing sites such as Virgin Wine are able to offer some of the world’s best wine collections at a fraction of the price that supermarkets and specialist wine shops offer. With the ability to offer more information than just what’s on the bottle’s label, online wine shops can make finding the perfect wine easier and much better value for money.

There are 2 types of wine websites online, a standard e-commerce site and a wine members site. The member sites such as Virgin Wine Bank, usually have a monthly membership fee which you can use to spend on wine and they give you massive discounts in return for your loyalty. If you drink at least 1 bottle of wine a week, member sites such as Virgin Wine Bank work out as much better value than buying in a supermarket or even Virgin’s own standard online wine shop.

Top Wine Retailer Websites:

Virgin Wine Bank – Tremendous value membership site with an unbeatable selection of classic wines.

Virgin Wine – Almost as good value as Virgin Wine Bank, for people who don’t drink a lot of wine.

Warehouse Wines – One of the largest selections of wine on the web.

Averys Wine – Mostly suited to those seeking vintage and the hight quality of wines.